Jay Myers Highlights BarterSugar as Startup to Watch

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Our favorite quote from successful entrepreneur, Jay Myers, on the startup to watch out of Memphis - BarterSugar!


See Jay's full blog post here

"Another company I did get a chance to spend some time recently with is Barter Sugar and its founder Layla Tabatabaie. Layla is a native New Yorker, very smart, loads of enthusiasm with a great concept. I really like her idea of small businesses bartering for different items and services and reducing some of the tedious, old fashioned methods we currently use for acquisition. Ironically enough, "bartering" as a means of exchanging goods and services has been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and has simply brought into the technology age of the 21st century with Barter Sugar and its platform. I see lots of opportunity developing key niche markets for Barter Sugar in the future (college students, entrepreneurs etc.) and with an initial  low cost of overhead, it would not surprise me if Layla and her company make Barter Sugar into a major StartCo success story in the future."