Take More Time Away from Work to Become Better at Work #lifehack #smallbiz #startup #bartersugar #trade #barter #tip

This is the article that will have you erasing the guilt you felt from watching the re-run of your favorite movie instead of answering some of the bazillion emails you had to respond to yesterday.

According to the study cited in this article, you will actually perform better at your job when you give yourself time away from it to do other things you love.

Our favorite:
"Friedman breaks up the general core values of a person’s life into four main sectors, including work, home, community, and the self (mind/body/spirit). When someone wants to become more productive at work, the natural instinct is to start working longer hours, sacrifice time that was normally spent with family, or volunteer to work weekends. But instead, people should focus more on the sectors that matter most to them."

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Avoid this food marketing gimmicks via @treehugger #green #sustainable #environment #foodhack #bartersugar #trade #tip

Knowing what foods to buy can be tricky.  In the United States, agencies like the Food and Drug Administration are charged with protecting us from dangerous chemicals, and agencies like the Federal Trade Commission protect us with unsavory and outright incorrect marketing statements.

As history shows, sometimes our agencies can be a bit slow with making the necessary changes, which is why we found this great article on 5 food marketing gimmicks to ignore.

Our favorite:
"Many terms are tossed around with far too much ease these days – natural, organic, gluten-free, made with real fruit, a good source of, etc. There are so few rules that actually regulate the use of these terms that most manufacturers can put whatever they think will sell a product, particularly in the natural and organic categories, which have become pretty much meaningless."

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Start Many Businesses - Here's Why via @entrepreneur #startup #smallbiz #grow #learn #bartersugar #trade #swap #tip

Running a business is a fantastic roller coaster of high energy and excitement paired with lows that can be so stressful you can't help but feel defeated.   However, there's nothing comparable to the success of your business taking shape and helping improve someone's life, whether it is delivering food that will be enjoyed or building a new website that others will marvel at once it's completed.

As this writer aptly puts, don't just start one business. Start many.  Here are our favorites:

"One of the worst things that you can do with your experience is to let it waste away. Experience is meant to be used, shared and acted upon -- not stifled.
When you have the experience of starting a successful company (or an unsuccessful company, for that matter), you can turn around and use that experience to do it again. Or, you can use that experience to teach others how to do it.
Experience is one of the most valuable takeaways from founding a company."

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This Article Will End Your Procrastination, At Least For Now via @entrepreneur #productive #smallbiz #startup #trade #bartersugar #barter

We all procrastinate.  Everyone. Even the person who earns the badge of "workaholic" procrastinates.  For example, a study from one university of their students found that 95% of their students admitted that procrastination was a huge problem of theirs.

So how to fix it?  Here is one 1 minute article that will end your procrastination right now, or at least for the moment.

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5 Questions to Ask Before Developing a Mobile App via @entrepreneur #smallbiz #startup #tip #bartersugar #barter #swap #trade

If you're thinking about building a mobile app for your business, you should first ask yourself these 5 questions.

Our favorite:

"What should the app do? Once a business identifies the ideal development process and platform, the team can begin contemplating functionality. Whether it be mobile shopping or filing expense reports, a centralized focus is key."

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How to Manage Remote Teams via @entrepreneur #bartersugar #startup #trade #smallbiz #tip #business

If you're reading this article, you're probably already working with remote teams - which puts you ahead of the curb, because according to this article, over 83% of executives plan on utilizing consultants and remote teams within the next three years.

Is there an art to keeping everyone together even across five different time zones?  Why, of course! Read more here.

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Studies Show Pinning or Collecting a List of Your Wants Can Prevent You From Buying Them via @treehugger #green #sustainable #environment

The brain is so complex and demanding that we know even though it weighs 3% of the body's weight it consumes 20% of the body's energy.   It's no wonder we can operate on impulses instead of rationalizing our way to the right conclusion.

We binge eat, then instantly regret eating that entire sleeve of cookies.  We binge shop, then regret spending all that money on an outfit we'll wear once or twice, which is why this article was so welcoming.

According to studies, pinning or saving a list of the items and things you desire will actually curb your desire to go out and purchase them.

Let your Wish list begin today.

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How Cellphone Companies Are Charging More via @jonstreet #learn #tip #hack #bartersugar #trade #swap

Are cell phone companies charging more now than before, because they are now obligated to inform their customers when they are close to reaching their minutes limit?  Read more here, and see for yourself.

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15 Office Design Hacks to Keep You Productive At Work #lifehack #office #tip #startup #smallbiz #productive #focus #bartersugar #trade

It's well accepted by now that Feng Shui is not just about being at one with your surroundings in the airy sense.  How your work environment looks and feels can seriously affect how productive you are in that space.  That's why business owners don't prop up their laptops at concert halls or in DMVs, we need a certain kind of setting.

Here are 15 design elements to be aware of that might be influencing the way you work.

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DIY Deer Head Wall Art via @ShabbyLove1 #tip #hack #craft #art #love #artisan #decor

Building completed items yourself with little to no additional assistance can be therapeutic.

Every now and then we like to step back and create something completely unaffiliated with our business to regain our center.  In that spirit, here's a really neat design piece we found from a neat DIY blogger, we hope you enjoy.

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12 Sandwich Hacks - we're getting hungry already! #foodhack #lunch #bartersugar #trade #swap #startup

Sandwiches are ideal when you need a quick, staple meal to hold you for a few hours in-between work sprints.

Our favorite from this list of 12 Sandwich Hacks, are:

1) Warm your tortilla for 10 seconds before wrapping it.  This will cause the bread to turn slightly sticky which will bind the delicious contents to the bread without falling apart.

2) Using a panini press to toast the faces of your sandwich.  It's quick, and really adds a nice crunch that we think easily raises your sandwiches' delicious level by a few points.

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10 Mind Hacks to counter your impulse to spend all the time #bartersugar #trade #lifehack #tip #startup #smallbiz

Ever do something, but realize later that it wasn't the most rationale decision?   Was it really necessary to get that meal supersized?

We make mistakes like these all the time, which is why we were delighted to find this article about how to resist making some of those regretful choices when they're really tempting.

We might not be able to completely stop our cars or bikes from magically slowing down whenever we're crossing a doughnut shop, but at least we can become more aware of why we do it.

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Save on your wedding with these 101 tips #lifehack #tip #bartersugar #barter #wedding #celebrate #trade

Wedding are wonderful.  There's great food, dancing, and you're guaranteed to hear at least a few songs that will have you shaking you head with the realization you haven't heard it in far too long.  As much as we love this celebration, no one wants to go into debt over one day.

That's where these 101 tips on saving on your wedding comes in. We got through most of the list before realizing the author wrote in glow-in-the-dark text that the number one way to save was to barter for what you need.  :D

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How to freeze vegetables the right way #tip #lifehack #bartersugar #trade #startup #smallbiz

Freezing vegetables is a best practice for busy business owners and freelancers.  It's just easier sometimes to chop up a few vegetables if we're already in the mood to cook and stick them in the freezer for later when we aren't feeling very Barefoot Contessa.

Is there a right way to freeze veggies?  You bet, and here's the secret sauce for acing your veggie-freezing exam.

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Fastest way to becoming an expert #trade #learn #diy #bartersugar


Learning new skills can be difficult.  First, we have to dedicate most of the day running the daily operations of our business - making sure we have all the supplies we need, ordering new stock if we're short on supplies, scheduling and participating in meetings and calls, hiring and managing employees - the list goes on and on.

So with the extra time we have left, can we learn the new skill we want quicker?  As this colonel states, teaching the skill to someone else can make us better at understanding the materials, and a better leader and team player.  You can read more here.

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