Take More Time Away from Work to Become Better at Work #lifehack #smallbiz #startup #bartersugar #trade #barter #tip

This is the article that will have you erasing the guilt you felt from watching the re-run of your favorite movie instead of answering some of the bazillion emails you had to respond to yesterday.

According to the study cited in this article, you will actually perform better at your job when you give yourself time away from it to do other things you love.

Our favorite:
"Friedman breaks up the general core values of a person’s life into four main sectors, including work, home, community, and the self (mind/body/spirit). When someone wants to become more productive at work, the natural instinct is to start working longer hours, sacrifice time that was normally spent with family, or volunteer to work weekends. But instead, people should focus more on the sectors that matter most to them."

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