How Second-time Founders Manage Money via @forbes #startup #bartersugar #lifehack #diy

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We published a few weeks ago why startup founders should start multiple companies.  One reason in large part are all the mistakes and lessons you learn from the first startup - when to hire, design costs, when to start building your social media audience.

Here is an article displaying four lessons second-time entrepreneurs know about managing money.

Our favorite part:

The failure rate of start-ups is close to 90%. So with 9 out of 10 start-ups headed for failure—and I speak from experience—financial management tops the list of challenges for first-time entrepreneurs.

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11 Basic Excel Tricks to Save Time via @businessinsider #startup #bartersugar #lifehack #diy

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Unless you are an excel enthusiast or have been a business analyst for a while, you probably don't know all of the shortcuts for the program - even though you use it all the time for everything from tracking financials to tracking personal goals, like how many miles you've been able to run over time.

This 11 basic excel tips article will get you to cut down the time it takes for you to get all the information you need into the spreadsheets.

Our favorite tip:

Use shortcuts to quickly format values

For a number with two decimal points, use Ctrl + Shift + !. For dollars use Ctrl + Shift + $. For percentages it's Ctrl + Shift + %

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25 Common Words That You've Got Wrong via @lifehackerorg #English #language #bartersugar #startup #lifehack

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We found this list from LifeHacker that is literally, priceless.  You should smiling from ear to ear with the recognition we've all committed two or more of these vocabulary confusions.

Our favorite mistake:


What you think it means: To skim or browse.
What it really means: To observe in depth.

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6 Reasons Remote Workers are Good for Business via @inc #startup #bartersugar #lifehack #diy

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There is on-going debate in the U.S. about remote workers versus an office-only workers policy.  We personally are very keen on remote working - but don't take our word for it, here are 6 reasons why remote workers are better for business.

Here is our favorite tidbit:

Remote workers are less stressed.

Office distractions aside, not having to deal with the friction of simply getting into the office is huge for some employees who are less stressed not having to commute. "They are aren't sitting in peak traffic hours, or they're able to work from home occasionally so they're able to handle things in their life better," she says. "[Being] less stressed and more happy can contribute to being more loyal to the company and being more engaged."

Now can we put this dispute to rest? Zzzzzzz

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Make this Glow-in-the-dark Resin Table via @demilked #diy #startup #bartersugar

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Brendan, a member of our sugar cube family, stated one day he was going to make his own table.  At first none of us believed him, but lo and behold, he documented the exact measurements needed, purchased the lumber and necessary tools, and 4 hours later a painted, complete table was born.

After we found this article on how to make a glow in the dark resin table, we felt a pang of remorse that we didn't find it sooner so he could have added these sweet details.  Learn from our mistake.  Make the cool, summer-friendly resin.

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DIY Nintendo Table via @9gag #diy #startup #bartersugar

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Feel crafty and in the mood to play video games at the same time? Specifically retro games (we played Street Fighter on a recent international flight and could NOT win despite our best efforts).

Try making this DIY Nintendo Mario-themed table, then let us know what your high score is for your chosen game, and we'll try to top it.

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6 Ways to Change a Negative Mood into a Positive One via positivityblog #startup #bartersugar #lifehack #diy

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Aren't feeling like you can conquer the world right now? We've all been there.

That's why we found this article, which tells you six ways to change a bad mood to a good one.

Our personal favorite tip:

Act as you’d like to feel.
Ask yourself: what would a very positive person do in this situation? Do that and then you’ll feel positive.

So take your best Amy Cuddy recommended pose, and start feeling powerful!

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10 Tips for Working More Effectively at Home via @lifehackorg #startup #bartersugar #lifehack #diy

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Who doesn't love working from home? It means sweats or pajamas, a coffeepot bubbling within earshot, homemade food, and checking social media without feeling guilty.

However, it can be hard to stay focused all the time when you're in your lap of luxury, so here are 10 tips to stay effective even when you are working from the most comfortable location.

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Great Advice from One of the World's Most Iconic Real Estate Moguls via @inc #startup #bartersugar

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Beyond being one of America's favorite sharks in ABC's SharkTank, Barbara Corcoran still makes time to drop pearls of knowledge on THE INTERNETS for all of us to learn.

Here's 8 pieces of advice every business owner should learn.

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5 Kinds of Songs to Boost Productivity at Work via @lifehack

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This is not one of the articles you can skim the headlines, because some music is only meant to be listed to BEFORE beginning a task, some during, and some after.  It isn't long, and you might see some musicians you know and love.  We were glad to see Mozart on the list.

See the full list here

In fact, here is the best song of all time from Mozart (IOHO).

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The Periodic Table of Design via @indesign #creative #productive #bartersugar #trade #tip #learn #startup #diy #hack

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This graphic was originally posted by Indesign.

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A Calorie is not a Calorie via @visually #learn #food #weight #tip #bartersugar #diet #exercise #myth

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This infographic was originally published on Visually: here.

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16-Year Old Inventor Makes a Wind Turbine Bike Cell Phone Charger via @instructables #bartersugar #diy #tip #lifehack #mobile #green #environment

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We were delighted to find this article showing how a young inventor created a bike cell phone charger for under $5! 

As today is FREE Citi bike day in NYC, we found this article to be very timely.  So what are you waiting for?  Get the parts, read the article, and rent your free Citi bike today while also charging your cell phone.

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What Humans are Really Doing to the Environment via @mic #green #climate #recycle #bartersugar #learn

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Every now and then we become truly horrified at what is happening to our beautiful planet enough to feel the need to share it.   We became even more mindful of our actions after reading this article and viewing the photos. 

Let's work together to keep this blue and green planet healthy and sustainable so breathing fresh air is a right and not a privilege.

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86 Meals You Can Make for Under $5 via @popsugar #food #summer #bartersugar #tip #hack #save

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We this this list is a double-whammy of goodness since it's not only under $5, but is incredibly easy to make for the busy bee or couch-loving, Homer Simpson in all of us. 

Some of our favorites:

1) Spicy Sloppy Joe:

2) Grilled Parmesan Eggplant:

3) Eggs Baked In Avocado (anything with avocado in fact):

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NYC Master list of free and paid movie screenings for summer 2015 #newyork #outdoor #tip #bartersugar #movie

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Who doesn't love free outdoor screenings of classic American movies? Thankfully we found this soon-to-be complete Master List of Free Outdoor Movie Screenings in NYC.  

Some of the movies listed there are in hotels and have covers, but just ignore those.  All the ones in the parks should be free all summer.  The list will be getting updated over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

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How to Make a $100K a month - Bartering is part of the Formula via @neilpatel #startup #hack #bartersugar #tip #learn #swap #trade

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It brings a smile to our sugar cube faces, and a warm fuzzy feeling whenever we see famous business folks write about how bartering has helped their business advance.  

As fans of Neil Patel's QuickSprout, we were overjoyed to not only learn how to make a $100,000 a month (well, sort of), but also that Neil bartered a camera in order to get higher quality photos, which has helped his business progress.

Read his full article here.

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4 Ingrediants You Should Have In Your Home in Case via @huffpost #lifehack #home #smallbiz #startup #work #bartersugar #trade #swap #tip

Don't forget about your home! As a business owner or freelancer, you might be working so many hours, you've forgotten about the hearth. 

Well, worry not, we found this great article about the 4 ingredients you should have in your home.

Our favorite:

 Vinegar - soothes sunburns and can be used as a bath soak (Just don't soak in it before work as a curtsey to your coworkers and the general population).

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