De-Forestation Free - A Big and Small Business Collaboration via @treehugger #sustainability #bartersugar #green #environment #deforestation

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CC BY 2.0 Jack Hebert. Shade-grown coffee in Costa Rica.
If you've been following our blog for a while, then you know how much we care about the environment, and believe every person has the right to more than just the basics of fresh air, clean drinking water, and protection from natural disasters (some of which are not found in too many parts of the world!).

So it warms out sugar cube hearts when we read about companies big and small banding together to declare and carry out a deforestation-free initiative. 

Our favorite part:

In 2014, the number of companies committing to ensuring there’s no deforestation in at least some part of their supply chain reached over 300. This year, more big players have piled on[...]

Join, and trade your underutilized products and items with startups and small businesses that are excited to have them.