How humans are pushing the earth toward its sixth mass extinction via @guardian #green #environment #sustainableenergy

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As a species, we are causing irreparable harm to the earth and other living organisms.  The Guardian did this eye-opening piece recently, and we felt compelled to share.   If you scroll to the bottom, you can also see the other extinctions earth has sustained in it's young life.

Our favorite part:

In all, our single species now commandeers somewhere between 25% and 40% of primary productivity on Earth. It is a productivity, that over large areas of land, is “hyper-fertilised” by the extraction of millions of tons of nitrogen from the air, in the Haber-Bosch process, and by digging comparable amounts of phosphate from the ground.
These super-fed crops are fed, highly efficiently, to farm animals, that we eat in turn. The scale of this operation is a large reason for the scale of the ongoing mass extinction of other organisms.

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