How to learn more while you sleep via @Entrepreneur #startup #lifehack #bartersugar

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Wouldn't life be a bit more manageable if we could learn while we sleep?  Well, not exactly the way you might think, but as this article points out, there are a few different tricks to learning more while we're awake that allows the brain to cement more knowledge as we sleep.

Our favorite part:

Some of the subjects were exposed to a subtle, artificial, odour as they played, and Diekelmann then wafted the same scent into their noses as they slept. Brain scans showed that these subjects had greater communication between the hippocampus and several cortical areas, compared to those without the cue – just the kind of activity that should lead to enhanced memory consolidation. Sure enough, those subjects remembered about 84% of the object locations when they awoke, while a control group remembered just 61%.

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