Interesting Results From When A Linguist Studied Blink-182 Music via @atlasobscura #learn #language #tip

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Source: IllaZilla on Wikipedia

Do we conform our language to our surroundings, or the circles that we work or socialize in?

Here's an interesting article from an author who convinced a linguistics professor to listen to a Blink-182 song, which led to analyzing the language and accents in many areas of the American music scene.

Our favorite part:

Regional dialects in English are largely informed by the particular way people in different geographic areas make their vowel sounds. Consonants can inform the sounds of vowels, but are largely static; going from an “F” sound to a “T” sound is a huge leap, whereas vowels are a little bit fluid, bleeding into each other. The entire game is to make sure you have enough difference between vowel sounds so that words can be distinguished from one another. But the specific sounds you make? Not so important, as long as they get the idea across of what word you’re trying to say.

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