What Is The Greatest Good via @TheAtlantic #learn #philosophy #give

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There are many ways to do good in this world.  Generosity and goodness can take the form of giving to charity, or something as small as listening to the tales of someone much older and wiser.

Here is a really humbling article on one person's journey to making giving a centerpiece of his daily life.

Our favorite part:

As Sam Kean explained in The Atlantic article “The Man Who Couldn't Stop Giving,”  the mainstream theory of altruism’s roots is known as “kin selection.” Since the engine of evolution is procreation, any gene pool should be rewarded for the instinct to help relatives (including distant relatives) survive and pass along their genes—even when that assistance requires great sacrifice. Altruism, in this interpretation, is natural rather than super-human. Ants, bees, and many other species show clear signs of altruism. Slime molds in the canopies of trees sacrifice themselves to strengthen the group. Even the most generous among us are chasing the self-sacrificial instincts of mold.

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