7 Things Star Wars Teaches About Productivity via @behance #startup #lifehack #entrepreneur

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It can be difficult maintaining composure all the time when you are one of the most pivotal components of your business.  You make the trains run on time (as the saying goes), but that doesn't mean you have to be operating all the time.  Check out this article about what this author learned from Star Wars. 

Our favorite part:

Be open-minded.
This is a difference between Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in the original Star Wars. Luke is willing to believe. There’s a lot of issues people get “stapled to” almost as if they were sicknesses. When you find yourself thinking, “This side is DEFINITELY right,” be willing to open your mind and look at why the other side thinks the way they do. It’s never for the reasons you think. Issues are just ways for the mind to practice being open-minded. 

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