Chocolate: The History and How to Make It via @LuckyPeach #food #learn #chocolate #history

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Chocolate, oh, chocolate, what can we write that hasn't been written in lovingly prose before?  Our team really can't wait until someone invents a supplement that allows one to devour chocolate all day without going into sugar shock or breaking out into pimples...

But we digress.  Here is the full article for the history of chocolate and how to make it. 

Our favorite part:

The cacao tree (officially, Theobroma cacao; theobroma translates as “food of the gods”), was classified in 1753 by Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus. The most recent genetic research points to the upper Amazon rainforests of South America—near present-day Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru—as its origin. It grows only within a narrow latitudinal band, between 20˚N and 20˚S of the equator. From its origins in South and Central America, cacao cultivation now spans the circumference of the globe within its tropical range. West African countries, namely Ghana and the Ivory Coast, currently provide about 70 percent of the world’s cocoa supply.

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