Fascinating Article On Learned Helplessness via @boingboing #startup #lifehack #entrepreneur

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As entrepreneurs we can become trapped by what psychologists call "learned helplessness," which is essentially when you convince yourself there is nothing you can do to change your circumstance because you tried before in the past and failed.  This can manifest to us business owners and employees in many ways, whether it's email marketing to thousands of people only to get a small handful to respond to a feedback survey, or  going on dozens of investor meetings only to be rejected by 99% of them. 

Every now and then we find an article that rocks our sugar cube world, and this article about learned helplessness is it for this month.  Enjoy.

Our favorite part:

When Seligman put those three groups in the room with the electric floors and wall, groups one and two quickly learned to jump over the wall when the tone alerted them to incoming shocks. The third group did not. Instead, they curled up on the floor and whimpered. The previous experiment had taught them there was no point in trying to figure out a pattern. It was as if they thought bad things just happen sometimes, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Even though they could have escaped the pain, they didn’t even try.

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