How Leap Seconds Can Cause Your Computer Systems to Crash via @digg #startups #tip #entrepreneur

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Automation is everywhere, and that's a good thing.  Instead of manually logging countless hours doing repetitive and menial tasks, now automation can fill in those roles and leave more time for brain storming and strategy.   

Yet, most automations are based on time, and what happens if there is an unanticipated extra second in the day that throws off your entire system.  Well, that's what happened with corporate giants like Yelp.  You can read more about how leap seconds here

Our favorite part:

The growing movement against leap seconds would abolish them and return to unaltered UTC time. This wouldn’t pose the same problems for nautical navigation as it did 30 years ago since most sailors now use GPS, not the night sky, to find their way at sea. It would, however, cause the official time to drift further and further from the setting sun.

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