How to Tell Your Company's Story in 10 Seconds via @StoryLabDC #startup #lifehack #inspiration

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The hustle and bustle of the holiday season ensures one thing, that you'll be asked repeatedly, "What do you do?" or "So what does your startup do?"  You'll feel like you're attending SXSW over and over again, except instead of swag you'll be indulging in vats of holiday drinks and piles of ginger bread cookies.  

So how do you answer this question in a holiday-party appropriate way?  Look no further than this brief article giving you the 10 second blueprint for telling your company's story quickly. 

Our favorite part:

[...] logline for Star Wars looks like this:
“When he finds a secret message, a spirited farm boy, with the help of a mystical knight, joins rebel forces to save a princess and the galaxy from imperial forces and their planet-destroying starship.”

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