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Improve Posture and Relieve Back Pain via @XpandConscious #startup #lifehack #entrepreneur #inspiration

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Photo credit: Expanded Conscious

It's undeniable our work-posture nowadays resembles that of early humans - we're all hunching over our devices instead of consuming information from them in an ergonomic manner. 

Worry not, this article here shows you a quick exercise you can do every day that will improve your posture and relieve back pain caused by your C-shaped posture over a computer. 

Our favorite part:

You can hold this pose for anywhere from 10 seconds to one minute depending on your ability.  It’s recommended to repeat this pose five to ten times per session.  As with any yoga pose, the focus should be on where you currently are, not where you think you should be, meaning that you should start off gradually and work up to increased hold times and repetitions.

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When your coworkers don't want to break the dead silence in the room, but needs a meeting. #startuplife #bartersugar

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2 Musts For Avoiding Founder Burnout via @forbes #startup #entrepreneur #lifehack #inspiration

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You really have to be passionate about what you're doing to make a startup work, because in the early days it's just one or two people that encompass every department - the advertising, public relations, marketing, software development, graphic design, and everything in between while reminding yourself to eat and sleep at somewhat regular hours. 

That was before BarterSugar.  And that was before we found this article that shows two things to do to avoid burning out. 

Our favorite part:

You don’t want to give some things up. This is really common; you’re great at some things, and you derive satisfaction from doing them.  Continuing to do tasks that are in your comfort zone, rather than delegating them to others, can even feel like a security blanket – a kind of stress reducer.  Unfortunately, it’s a short-term palliative that has long-term negative consequences. 

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How To Know If You're Overconfident or Under-confident via @fastcompany #startup #lifehack #inspiration

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We could all use a dose of humility...or...did I mean confidence.  A surprising number of us can't assess whether we're over confident, lacking self-confidence or somehow struck that magical balance. 

This article answers how to tell if you're a Justin Bieber (over confident) or a Steve Carell (we've heard he's very humble and down-to-earth). 

Our favorite part:


I’m not gonna be perfect, but I’m gonna try stuff.
That’s the mantra that Tom Kelley, author of Creative Confidence, suggests to harness the courage to act on your ideas—artistic or otherwise.
A similar mantra to live by, from The Confidence Code: "When in doubt, act." The authors note: "Nothing builds confidence like taking action, especially when the action involves risk and failure."

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3 hour drive from #NYC to #Massachusetts to be part of startup scene for a night #startuplife #inspiration #startup

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We Actually Aren't Multitasking When We Think We Are via @npr #startup #lifehack #inspiration

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You know those ironic photoshopped-images you've seen shared on every social media site you can think of - the ones with two rows of three images accompanied by text in each image box that goes something like "What my friends think I'm doing.  What my mom thinks I'm doing.  What I'm actually doing..."

You get our drift. 

Well, this article about multitasking, or what we think is multitasking, is like one of those ironic images.

Our favorite part:

"For example, if we're performing a task where we want to watch TV and ignore voices that are coming from, say, our children nearby," Weissman said, "our frontal region brain may configure the brain to prioritize visual information and dampen down auditory information."

"These are the things that make us the most human," Weissman said. "We are not like jellyfish — it's not like when you poke us, we always do the same thing."

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