2 Musts For Avoiding Founder Burnout via @forbes #startup #entrepreneur #lifehack #inspiration

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You really have to be passionate about what you're doing to make a startup work, because in the early days it's just one or two people that encompass every department - the advertising, public relations, marketing, software development, graphic design, and everything in between while reminding yourself to eat and sleep at somewhat regular hours. 

That was before BarterSugar.  And that was before we found this article that shows two things to do to avoid burning out. 

Our favorite part:

You don’t want to give some things up. This is really common; you’re great at some things, and you derive satisfaction from doing them.  Continuing to do tasks that are in your comfort zone, rather than delegating them to others, can even feel like a security blanket – a kind of stress reducer.  Unfortunately, it’s a short-term palliative that has long-term negative consequences. 

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