How To Know If You're Overconfident or Under-confident via @fastcompany #startup #lifehack #inspiration

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We could all use a dose of humility...or...did I mean confidence.  A surprising number of us can't assess whether we're over confident, lacking self-confidence or somehow struck that magical balance. 

This article answers how to tell if you're a Justin Bieber (over confident) or a Steve Carell (we've heard he's very humble and down-to-earth). 

Our favorite part:


I’m not gonna be perfect, but I’m gonna try stuff.
That’s the mantra that Tom Kelley, author of Creative Confidence, suggests to harness the courage to act on your ideas—artistic or otherwise.
A similar mantra to live by, from The Confidence Code: "When in doubt, act." The authors note: "Nothing builds confidence like taking action, especially when the action involves risk and failure."

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