Improve Posture and Relieve Back Pain via @XpandConscious #startup #lifehack #entrepreneur #inspiration

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Photo credit: Expanded Conscious

It's undeniable our work-posture nowadays resembles that of early humans - we're all hunching over our devices instead of consuming information from them in an ergonomic manner. 

Worry not, this article here shows you a quick exercise you can do every day that will improve your posture and relieve back pain caused by your C-shaped posture over a computer. 

Our favorite part:

You can hold this pose for anywhere from 10 seconds to one minute depending on your ability.  It’s recommended to repeat this pose five to ten times per session.  As with any yoga pose, the focus should be on where you currently are, not where you think you should be, meaning that you should start off gradually and work up to increased hold times and repetitions.

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