Loving the glass encapsulated conference room we're working out of. Jersey City has beautiful old charm to it. #startup #nyc #workwithus

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Coworking in #jerseycity today. Waving from here to our homebase. #startup #weekend #nyc

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10 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Use via @householdhacker #startup #lifehack #entrepreneur

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Believe it or not, there are more useful keyboard shortcuts then just Ctrl + Alt + Delete - and we've uncovered just the video to show you 10 Mac keyboard shortcuts that you really should use.   

Don't have a Mac?  The same host made a video for Windows too, so let us all unite this new year! 

Our favorite part:

Hold Option the press your cursor over the app that's frozen.  A force quite item appears. Click that, and you're all set.
Option and click all things.  

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600 Rejections Can Turn You Into The Next Hulk via @castingworkbook #startup #entrepreneur #lifehack #inspiration #nevergiveup

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Rejection can symbolize many things: you're too early and see a vision most still cannot, you don't have the right about of visibility, you didn't have the right connections to get in, or you're plain crazy.  

They say the line between genius and insanity is thin, so how do you know?  How many rejections should you endure before you stop pursing your goal?   Well, look no further than this article on the actor of our favorite raging, mass of green muscles.

Our favorite part:

‘It’s been mythologized now but it started with about 600 auditions without success,’ he said about his long slog to stardom. ‘Most smart people would have quit when it takes that long.’

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New Years Day brunch. A friend who loves to cook and is good at it. :) #brunch #nyc

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