"I barter. I believe in bartering" - Another Reason to Love Natalie Merchant via @sfexaminer #inspiration #startup #music

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As long long looooooooong time fans of 10,000 Maniacs front person, Natalie Merchant, we are so pleased to find out that Natalie is firm believer of barter.  

Read all about her album release of "Paradise is There" in this piece by SFExaminer

And here's the link to Kind and Generous, because why not

If by some grace of something if Natalie reads this, we would love to send her BarterSugar t-shirt to thank you, thank you. :D

Our favorite part:

There’s a resort near where I live, and I’ve found this great deal, wherein I give free concerts, and in exchange they give me access to their lovely spa and pool. That’s been the most significant change in my life – I barter. I believe in bartering, and so do they!

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