N.C.A.A (basketball) barters, and so should you via @nytimes #startup #entrepreneur #lifehack

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As Marvel, D.C., Met Opera, and tech hackathon nerdlings, we never expected to post about popular sports, and yet here we are, covering none other than the U.S. men's basketball tournament!

Turns out, athletic sportsplayers barter all the time too.  But don't take our word for it, read all about how these basketball stars barter and trade here

Our favorite part:

“We have fun with it,” Farrell said. “We’ll play, like, games for it, stuff like that — ‘What do I got to do for that ticket?’ ”

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Daredevil barters, and so should you via @daredevil #startup #entrepreneur #netflix

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Have you caught the latest season of the devil of Hell's Kitchen?  

Well, if you needed any more reason to watch Daredevil - there it is, bartering front and center in our favorite fictional law firm.


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No Sunday love for #WeWork from #Brooklyn when it's over 65 degrees outside today. #startup #happyofficialpersianparadedaynyc

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Our latest #blog post about #bartering red bull across Europe is up at blog.bartersugar.com :) #startup #lifehack #entrepreneur

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Bartering Red Bull Across Europe via @themmailonline @redbull #startup #lifehack #entrepreneur

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If you didn't read it already, there are 165 teams from 50 countries participating in the Red Bull barter challenge.   Teams have to travel Europe using only Red Bull to barter for what they need. 

We love this, though as we tweeted to our energized business neighbors, it would be much easier bartering with us! 

You can read the full article here

Our favorite part:

“We marketed our sportiness and musical talents and I think that made us stand out among the other contestants,” said Lee, a keen sportsman, while Teh is a pianist and Teoh plays the erhu. 

We'll provide an update once we know! 

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Lunch break at #aolbuild with the hilarious #samanthabee #fullfrontal @iamsambee #comedy #satire #tv

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Good morning from #Cambridge #Massachusetts

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