Another Example of Social Pyschology in Flux via @slate #startup #lifehack #entrepreneur

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We enjoy psych studies, just as much as the next Curious George, but every now and then we'll read something and really wonder how much sense it makes ('difference' between male and female brains, anyone?).   We also post a lot on this blog about will power, because to be a founder of a startup or small business, you need lots of it. 

Here's another example from Slate about the rocky field of social psychology.

Our favorite part:

The diminution of the Big Idea isn’t easy to accept, even for those willing to concede that there are major problems in their field. An ego depletion optimist might acknowledge that psychology studies tend to be too small to demonstrate a real effect, or that scientists like to futz around with their statistics until the answers come out right. (None of this implies deliberate fraud; just that sloppy standards prevail.) Still, the optimist would say, it seems unlikely that such mistakes would propagate so thoroughly throughout a single literature, and that so many noisy, spurious results could line up quite so perfectly. If all these successes came about by random chance, then it’s a miracle that they’re so consistent.


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